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Wood Toys

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Everything today is disposable, and this is especially true with kid’s toys. What the child begged and pleaded for last year, this year, they don’t even pick up anymore. Things more fast, your children are bored faster, and buying another video game feels pointless, because it will be forgotten in a month. You want something that is going to last, create a lasting memory that your child will look back on when they are all grown up fondly and with nostalgia. Will a video game be that toy? Probably not. Wood toys are built to last. Unlike a video game that will just end up at the bottom of a box, never to be touched again, wood toys will sustain and be around for as long as you want them to be.

The classic wood toys are rocking horses. The production of rocking horses became popular in the 18th century and they were often built for future royalty to play with. The following century the production of rocking horses became industrialized. In our current century the popularity of the rocking horse has decreased, over taken by modern ways of entertaining children. But the rocking horse is making a retro comeback and is a great gift for a child and one they will have fond memories of later on in life. An interesting interpretation of the rocking horse is the rocking motorcycle, which although not a complete wooden toy, still makes for a fun gift, especially for the boys who want something more daring to rock upon.

Puzzles are always popular with children and with wood, toys and puzzles can be in three dimensions. The 3D aspect of using wood is a really great way to stimulate your child’s senses, helping them gain a sense of depth perception as well as problem solving. And again, these wood toys will last, ready to be passed down from generation to generation.

Not only will the wood toys be around for generations, they are also considered safer to play with than other types of materials. Most wood toys are made form a solid piece of wood, or if not, then they are glued together. This means that there are very few parts that could be a choking hazard for a small child. Although they are considered safer, it is always advisable to buy age appropriate for peace of mind and the safety of your child.

Wood toys work great as puzzles, as soothing rockers for toddlers and there is just something about the smell and feel of wood that is so much more inviting than cold plastics. Plastics will wear and loose vibrancy over time where as wood will only become richer and deeper. Can you imagine passing a video game from generation to generation? With a wooden toy, you will have something that is naturally built to last and will one day make the next generation just as entertained as this one.