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Wooden Toy Trains

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Ever since George Stevenson invented the first steam-powered locomotive in 1814, the train has captured the spirit and imagination of the young. Maybe it is because the train is a symbol for adventure and mystery, even more so today with the train in the Harry Potter books transporting the children to a magical place.

The complexity of wooden toy trains is dependant on the age group. For younger children there are wooden toy trains that are pushed manually, and for older children, wooden toy trains have motors and are more involved and intricate.

The great thing about wooden toy train sets is that they are expandable and most track pieces are compatible with other manufactures pieces, so if it is something that your child seems to be enjoying, you can expand the track to go from room to room and give them hours of fun. This will encourage the architect in them and you will be surprised the amount of ingenuity you child can show when their heart is really in a project.

It is the construction of tracks for the wooden toy trains that gives so much enjoyment. It will help develop the child’s patience and their cognitive skills.

It is advisable to buy quality wooden toy trains and sets. Quality sets will have no splinters or cracks, which could cause injury to your child and they will be less likely to break or damage. Having a quality starter set will mean the tracks and trains will be easier to expand upon. Additional pieces include tunnels, scenery and extra trains that can be linked together to carry more imaginary cargo.

Quality wooden toy trains will run perfectly around the track and proper placement of the wheels and axles will mean the train will go smoothly up and down the hills. Durable and solid wood construction will mean that the train set will be around for years to come.

More developed children may be interested in motorized wooden toy trains. Many brands only require one battery and have a powerful four-wheel drive that is capable of handling any adventure or task the child has in mind.

Wooden toy trains can develop into a passion, and your child may progress to electric train sets that are prefect replicas set to scale. These are more expensive than the wooden toy trains for younger children, and are generally intended for ages eight and up. The electric train sets many incorporate some wooden toy trains but are mainly made of metals and plastics. These sets can be really involved for a child, they can decorate the landscape, and this will require dexterity with the paintbrush. The larger sets can be a great bonding experience for you and your child. You both can build and decorate the miniature tracks, trains and scenery and enjoy the magical world of miniature trains together.