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Wooden Toy Storage

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Clutter can drive anyone insane, especially when it is created by loud, temperamental roommates. When the roommates are your children that insanity is probably your own fault, but this feeling can be easily eliminated in a fashionable way by using wooden toy storage that matches other furniture and materials used in the house.

Since wood is, and will be for a long time, the most popular building material for everything from houses to furniture choosing wood products is a wise choice. It basically surrounds us every day, almost everywhere. With the right amount of care even the oldest wood can look beautiful and keep its luster for years and this quality, as well as its availability has found its way into the cabinets, railings, furniture, floors, cutting boards, mantels and especially toys. In the ancient world toys were almost always made of wood and cloth.

Even today some of the most popular toys used by children are still made of quality woods such as maple, oak, pine and cherry. The same woods are often used in furniture, flooring and moldings. If you are lucky enough that your child has only gorgeously made wooden toys you might not need to hide the toys away to prevent clutter. Simply put them on a shelf, table or mantel piece and show off their fine craftsmanship and polished wood. Find toys that match the wood grain or stain of the furniture to make these toys seem even more like planned centerpieces. They might even look good abandoned on a nice hardwood floor.

For the majority of people wooden toy storage in quality toy boxes offers a better approach, especially when they own a large amount of toys. Kids love the craziest things and some of their toys can be hideous at times, but they still love them and play with them often. Having a toy box that fits in with furniture in the house makes moms and dads happy. A wooden toy storage bench can be fit anywhere in the house from the kitchen to the playroom to the living room. Anywhere a child plays has toys littered around. Why not give yourself a break and keep the toy box nearby when clean up time finally comes?

Another great method for keeping the toy clutter in check is with cubby holes and open baskets. The toys in a cubby can be quickly seen and picked out by a child, this often prevents older toys from being forgotten and lost and makes for easy clean up as well. Baskets offer the quickest clean up time and fit in with many interiors well. They hide the toys from view more than a cubby, but allow instant easy access which makes them very popular among parents. Baskets might also be the cheapest and most ecologically friendly way of storing toys today and with care they will last for years.