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Wooden Toy Parts

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Inspiring a child’s imagination and allowing that idea to come into fruition is not only rewarding for the child but also to parents and caregivers. Whether that is achieved through coloring, crafts or assembly does not matter, but one of the best ways to get kids thinking creatively is by supplying them with various wooden toy parts, a little bit of guidance and the means to safely attach those parts.

For the youngest and least coordinated children, simple wooden blocks can be arranged to create interesting structures, designs, and patterns which can be easily changed and reconfigured. Variations in the color and size of the blocks provide interesting problems and compelling solutions for the child as they attempt to create what their imagination readily produces. A misplaced block can inspire an entire new process or design that would never have been thought of otherwise.

For older, better coordinated children and even young adults simple wooden toy parts can be combined to create complex objects such as play cars, chairs, go carts, doll houses, robots, dioramas and many more designs. Only the imagination of the child can limit what can be produced with simple parts, tools, hardware and glue. Dowels, small planks, spindles, and other small pieces of wood can be attached together will nails, screws, glue, or reworked into new shapes with jigsaws, sandpaper, drills and knives. The ease of working with wood gives young people confidence and connects them with nature.

A major advantage to using wooden toy parts in the construction of toys and models is their low cost and high durability. A large variety of pieces can be found in hardware stores and online for a fraction of the cost of a handmade wooden toy. Not only does it save money, but it gives the child an increased satisfaction in their work. It also teaches them the value of work and money. Even a young child can learn the value of money with this simple project. The reward for all that work is the endless play that the toy can deliver.

Building these simple wooden toys also teaches problem solving. Sometimes a piece might break off no matter how hard the child tries to attach it which can lead to a frustrating situation, but with a little coaxing the child can learn to adapt the design to better secure that feature, whatever it is. Wood construction allows for many different designs, but it still has its limitations. Not every single idea can materialize with these wooden parts, but there is a lot that can be done with them.

Encourage a child to design their ideas on paper first and see how that helps with the construction of the model or toy. Creating complex moving parts can be nearly impossible unless the idea is planned out first. As a parent, don’t be afraid to offer suggestions and show new techniques, children love being helped. Just be sure not to take over the project and finish it for them. If they can design and build even the simplest toy a child will take pride in what they have created and cherish it for years.