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Wooden Toy Kits

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Today, most toys come prepackaged and require little or no assembly. This is great for your impatient child on Christmas day, but maybe when your child grows a little older, you may want to consider wooden toy kits that take time to assemble. Putting them together can actually be more rewarding than playing with the end result.

There is a wide range of complexity with wooden toy kits, and this is dependant on your child’s age and ability as well as your own ability, because the chances are you will be doing this as a team, which is a great bonding experience.

Probably the most basic of wooden toy kits is a balsa plane kit. These kits can be put together in a matter of minutes with just a few drops of glue, and are ready to go. Balsa planes are easy, fast and will give the child hours of enjoyment watching them fly through the air.

Fun wooden toy kits that are also relatively simple to assemble are wooden train sets. These will require no shaping of the wood, just patience and competent reading of the instructions. This is also a great experience to share with your child. Encourage them to decorate the train set and help with the scenery and landscape. If they show a vested interest, maybe you could both design extra pieces of scenery and cut out wooden trees and rocks or whatever else their little imaginations can think of.

For older children there are complex wooden toy kits. These kits will take days maybe even weeks to complete and are a rewarding challenge for your child. Kits include tanks, ambulances, construction equipment and of course the classic trucks. These kits come with patterns that are quite complex and it should be something that your child is very interested in completing, because without a positive attitude, completing such a delicate and intricate project can be frustrating. So work with your child and together you can have fun building wooden toy kits.