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Wooden Toy Kitchens

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Sometimes it seems like the value of handcrafted work has been obliterated by mass-produced, mass-marketed goods destined for short lives and obscurity. Toys are sold because of the characters, TV shows and movies they represent instead of their level of quality and what they teach to children. Even toy kitchens are made of soft, breakable plastic that won't handle a lot of use and abuse, something kids are seemingly built to unleash. Only wooden toy kitchens are built to withstand the consistent use and abuse of children all ages.

There are a number of manufacturers of wooden kitchens for kids. They can be shipped to a doorstep and then assembled inside, but as anyone who has assembled anything at home knows there are bound to be a few missing pieces or instructions written in every language but english. The finished design is often lacking in creativity and they aren't exactly something that a parent could have anywhere outside of a playroom. For many families this is tolerated, they might have built their own furniture in a similar way, but an increasing number of parents are choosing handcrafted quality toy kitchens.

There are a number of advantages to owning handcrafted wooden toy kitchens. Not only is the material much more sustainable and eco friendly but it is more durable than any plastic or particle board, but the work is done by a local craftsman or artisan. Finding a carpenter to create a children's kitchen is easy, and many parents have the skills and tools to create one themselves if there is enough time. It may be a bit more expensive than a mass-produced toy kitchen, but the extra money buys a higher quality product that will last much longer, hold its value, and look great. A play kitchen can be built to fit right next to the real kitchen with matching wood and similar looking appliances.

Toy kitchens are a great way to teach kids responsibility, how to work well with others to a common goal, learn the basics of food and cooking, as well as learning safety around hot surfaces. Food is such an integral part of the human condition it is only natural for a child to want to mimic what they see their parents doing everyday, but a real kitchen is too dangerous for a small child.

A quality constructed wooden kitchen can last through many years of abuse, teaching and encouraging children to cook from one generation to the next. They will survive daily use in day cares, at home, and in playrooms everywhere. A plastic kitchen may be fine for a small family with no cousins, nieces or nephews to pass the toy down to, but there is much more value and sustainability in wooden toys of all types, and they will never compare with the beauty of a handcrafted wooden toy.