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Wooden Toy Houses

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Whether you choose to build a doll house from plans or purchase wooden toy houses already assembled you have made an excellent choice by choosing this classic children’s toy. Though these miniature houses are most popular among girls, there are a number of designs that are suitable for both sexes of any age. Building a farmhouse or barn transforms this feminine toy into a plaything that can be enjoyed by any child with no social repercussions. Even the youngest boy could be made fun of for playing with dolls, but farm animals and vehicles remove any negative stigma associated with these fun and educational toys.

The first thing that must be decided is the size and scope of the toy house. Small wooden toy houses can easily fit onto a shelf, window sill or small table. These houses often have a hinge that allows easy access to the inside of the house, while other houses are only built with walls on one side leaving the other side open for play. On a barn house there are often doors that can open and close and a hinged roof to allow easy access to the interior. Larger houses are usually too big to swing open so have well placed openings and missing walls on one or multiple sides. Some have removable walls that can close up the structure when it is not in use.

The largest wooden toy houses are big enough for a child to enter and play inside with a few friends. These are often semi-permanent installations located in a backyard or large playroom and include working doors and windows and are furnished with child sized reproductions of regular furniture. These larger houses are often the most expensive option though there are some extraordinarily expensive, finely crafted small doll houses as well. There is a small but loyal market for designer doll house furniture that can make a homemade kids playhouse seem like a drop in the bucket. These precision reproductions of real furniture can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars and are not suited for regular playtime. These are typically purchased by obsessed collectors and wouldn’t be fun or cost effective for children.

With a little bit of woodworking skills even the weekend warrior can build a suitable toy house for their children. Sturdy craft woods can be found at almost every hardware store or be recycled from old pieces of wood. Plans can be found for free online or created from scratch. If the task seems too daunting, but you would like an original handcrafted toy house consider hiring a carpenter. A local carpenter, framer, or cabinet maker has the skills to design and produce a quality doll house for a comparable cost as buying one new but the detail and construction will often be of higher quality and be able to be easily repaired when necessary. Supporting local talent gives the neighborhood a sense of community and unity that cannot be achieved when buying a mass-produced toy house from a large retailer.

Once the house is ready for play be prepared for happy, entertained children that are exploring interactions between their friends and imaginary characters.