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Wooden Toy Chests

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There is magic in being young, imagination is running wild and toys seem to come to life. Wooden toy chests are the perfect place to store the magic. Decoration can make wooden toy chests even more special for the child. There are wooden toy chests that are designed to look like treasure chests, perfect for your little pirate. For young girls, there are wooden toy chests that are designed to look like a throne, perfect for Her Highness.

Personalizing a toy chest is a great idea as well. You can purchase toy chests that have the name of your child painted, or even carved into the wood. This is a treat for any child and will make them feel even more special.

Having a toy chest in your child’s room is a great way to teach responsibility and cleanliness. You can use the toy chest as a learning tool. When your child wants to go out to play or watch television, make sure they put all of their toys away in the chest before you allow them to do these activities. After a while, your child will hopefully realize that responsibly cleaning away their toys is the appropriate behavior.

When you shop for wooden toy chests always look for quality. There are certain things you should be aware of in terms of safety. Firstly, look for a toy chest that has quality hinges. Slow-closing hinges will be less likely to trap your child’s finger in between the chest and the lid. Also look for chests that have a space carved underneath the lid, so that your child can open and close the chest easily without catching their fingers.

Try to buy the best quality wood that you can afford. Quality wood will be less likely to snap, break or splinter. Your child will be crawling all over the wooden toy chest and a splinter could be the cause of a serious accident. Check wooden toy chests thoroughly before you buy. The corners and edges are most likely to have chipped or splintered in manufacturing or transportation.

Quality wooden toy chests are not only a great way for your child to store their toys and keep your house clean, they are also a solid investment. Wooden toy chests are built to last, and well-constructed chests can be passed from generation to generation. When you child grows up, they can pass the chest on to their children.

Maybe you already have a wooden toy chest in the family. You will be surprised what you can find in the attic. Using a family heirloom is a great idea, but before you do, be sure to check the safety aspects of the antique toy chest. Although older toy chests tend to be made of quality wood, the hinges may be weak and the wood may have cracked or splintered over time. Be sure to check the antique meticulously before you let you child enjoy it. Once you have made the necessary safety alterations, you have a practical family heirloom that your child can enjoy for many years to come.