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Wooden Toy Chest

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Nothing pleases a parent more than getting their child everything they desire. This is fine, until one day you wake up to a swamp of toys covering every floor of your house. A collection of toys can quickly get out of control and when it does, you need a wooden toy chest.

Having a wooden toy chest will not only keep all of your child’s toys in one place, it is also a great way to teach responsibility and cleanliness. You can use the wooden toy chest as a learning tool, for example, if your child wants to watch television and toys are flung all over their room, do not let them watch TV until all the toys are neatly placed inside the wooden toy chest. At first they are sure to complain, but this is a valuable lesson, and one that needs to be taught as soon as possible and will have numerous benefits later on in their young lives.

A wooden toy chest is also an investment. If you are planning to have more children, then the toy chest can be passed down from sibling to sibling and even if you are not, the wooden toy chest can still be kept in the family, passed on to a nephew or niece or donated to a child who would really appreciate it.

When you shop for a wooden toy chest there are certain things you should be on the lookout for. You want a sturdy design and quality wood that is not going to chip or crack after the first few months of owning it. Stay away from cheaper woods and try and invest in quality materials. You will also want to look for a lid that is light enough that your child can lift unaided without risk of them losing grip and accidently hurting themselves. Padding is sometimes appropriate on the corners and the lip of the toy chest, if you feel that children might hurt themselves. Padding can be purchased from most hardware stores and is easily attached.

Curious minds may have the urge to crawl into the wooden toy chest and for this reason a light lid is advisable so the little ones can crawl back out again. Most toy chests will have a groove cut out below the lid so that your child can open and close the chest without catching or pinching their fingers. All of these safety aspects are very important when selecting the appropriate wooden toy chest.

Maybe you already have a wooden chest in your family. Older wooden toy chest tend to be high quality wood and are great to pass down from generation to generation. If you do already have a wooden toy chest in your family that is an older model, you may want to safety check it first to look for any splinters or chips that may have occurred over time. Older toy chests were not so concerned with safety as modern chests, but with a few alternations and improvements, you can make use of this family heirloom and give the next generation something precious that will give them years of happy memories.