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Wooden Toy Boxes

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A wooden toy box is the perfect solution to the ongoing problem of the amount of toys that are strewn around your child’s room. Wooden toy boxes will put an end to stubbing of toes and midnight creeps that are cut short by the squeak of a cuddly toy underfoot. A toy box will also help to teach your child a sense of responsibility and cleanliness. You can use the wooden toy box as a training tool. When you child wants to watch television or go out to play and their room is a mess, tell them they cannot do these things until all of their toys have be returned to the toy box. After a while, your child will understand that everything needs to be put in its right place before they can venture on to the next activity.

Safety is a big concern with wooden toy boxes. Wood is naturally a heavy material and when you child is using the wooden toy box unaided, you want to be sure they are not going to cause themselves harm. Look for quality. Having finger cut outs underneath the lip of the lid can save your child from pinching their fingers. Also look for a wooden toy box with quality hinges. Slow-closing hinges will prevent the lid from slamming down and potentially hurting your child.

When you buy quality, the wooden toy boxes will last. A quality toy box made of solid high-grade wood can stay in your family for generations, and when your child has grown up and has children of their own, they can pass the toy box down to the next generation. Quality toy boxes are a sound investment that can stay in the family for years to come.

Maybe a member of your family already has a wooden toy box. You will be surprised what you can find in the attic and old wooden toy boxes are quality, the wood is aged and firm, and making use of a family heirloom is important. If you do use an old wooden toy box, be sure to check it for splinters and cracks, check the hinges and then make the necessary safety adjustments.

You may want to consider a wooden toy box that doubles up as a play bench. This is a convenient play space for the child and will also help to keep them playing in one area, rather than all over the house. Decoration is important with wooden toy boxes. Decoration will make the child’s supple imagination see the toy box as even more of a magical place. For young girls, princess decoration is very apt, and toy boxes can double up as a throne for Her Majesty. Young boys will love wooden toy boxes that are designed like a sports car or have the name of their favorite sports team.

Whatever type of wooden toy box you decide upon, make sure that it is a quality design, durable and safe.