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Wooden Toy

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The classic wooden toy is the rocking horse. The rocking horse is associated with the 19th century, when they went into mass production, but they are making somewhat of a retro resurgence, and are great toys for younger children. You will be surprised how long they will keep the young ones entertained for. The soothing rocking motion is comforting, and quality rocking horses are built to last and can stay in the family for generations. Original rocking horses from the 19th century are quite valuable nowadays and the early 18th century horses that were built for nobility and the upper class are huge collectors items and can sell for impressive sums.

Another classic wooden toy is the marionette or ‘puppet’ as it is more commonly known. The beauty of these wooden toys, apart from the craftsmanship involved in their creation, is that they encourage the child to use their imagination. With modern forms of entertainment, the imagining is done for the child, TV and video games create a story and all the child has to do is simple observe, they do not actively participate in the telling. Encourage your child to put on a show for the family using a marionette, this will stimulate their imagination, conjuring up a complete story and using their artistic side to create props, scenery and settings. Something as simple as a puppet, when put to proper use, can provide days of entertainment and stimulation for a fraction of the price of a video game.

The jigsaw was originally a wooden toy, although today it is constructed from cardboard to lower the price of mass production. For younger children, there are 3D wooden toys that can be assembled like a jigsaw. These toys are very beneficial for a child’s development. They help develop the child’s depth perception, stimulate the senses, and encourage problem solving and dexterity development.

A wooden toy is particularly suited for a younger child. Toys made of plastics and other such materials often have choking parts and have to be very carefully assigned to a specific age group. A wooden toy, on the other hand, is generally carved from one piece of wood, or if more than one piece is used, the pieces are attached using wood glue. As a result there is very little risk of the child choking on a piece of the toy. This being said, wooden toys will still be assigned to age categories and you should buy age appropriate. Not only for the child’s safety, but toys out of your child’s age group may be too complex and challenging for them.

Try and buy a wooden toy that is made from quality wood. The better quality of wood and craftsmanship, the higher the price, but it will guarantee that the toy will be around for years to come. Plastic toys over time will become brittle and fade, a quality wooden toy will improve with age, the wood will darken and it will make a great heirloom to pass down to the grandchildren.