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Wholesale Wood Toys

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There are a number of reasons to choose wood toys over the mass-produced plastic toys that pervade the market. When running a toy business, wholesale wood toys can be one of the least expensive options. This gives the reseller a distinct advantage in the toy market because wooden toys often sell for more than their plastic counterparts. They also retain their beauty, value and shelf life for years longer than a toy marketed with characters that soon go out of style, which so many plastic toys are. A simple, quality wooden toy can be sold decades after it was originally made with no structural degradation and often at an increased price, many people collect finely crafted wooden toys.

Since the introduction of plastic it has found its way into nearly every product a human being uses often replacing their wooden counterparts. Even early on though, people were concerned about the long term effects of extensive plastic use and today we are only beginning to deal with the ramifications of plastic consumption on a global scale. This has changed the way many people look at products with many of them considering the long term effects of that product. This movement has begun to take hold in everything from toothpaste and shampoo to the toys we give our children.

The trend has become a movement towards sustainability and using natural products effectively without overuse. Taking care of Mother Nature has contributed to a rise of natural and recycled products. Wooden toys are immensely popular again and are much more valued than any plastic contraption. Finding wholesale wood toys and getting them to the right market is incredibly feasible and the trend does not have a foreseeable end, though finding wood harvested sustainably should be the first priority.

Just like vegetable gardens, trees are grown in farms to be harvested when the time is right. These are often the best choice, but just like vegetables there are environmentally friendly natural ways of growing them and there are people who use harsh fertilizers, chemical pesticides and preservatives. Supporting any logging company that clear cuts forests, especially rainforests, will ruin the reputation of any company claiming to be eco-friendly. Recycled wood often offers the most eco-friendly option, but be aware of possible dangerous contaminants, fire retardants, and sealants found in reclaimed woods. These would not be suitable for making a children’s toy.

Many wholesale wooden toy suppliers are located overseas which can often save a company a lot of money and reduce their overhead costs. When choosing this option make sure you understand and agree with their manufacturing process, where they get their wood from, and who is actually making the product. The paint and sealant are very important aspects in this process, be sure to select them wisely. The only way to be sure you are getting the product you asked for is through quality controls and testing. Every shipment should be checked and tested for variations in materials that were not approved. Having a local manufacturer allows the reseller to see firsthand how the product is made and what it is made from. This also supports local economies, which is a selling point for many considerate buyers, making your job even easier.