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Old Wood Toys

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Wood has been used in the toy making industry for well over two hundred years. In fact, previous to the 19th century, nearly all toys were made from wood, most of which were made entirely by hand. And while today’s toys are most often mass-produced in factories, using cheap plastic materials, the appeal of old wood toys has not diminished much over the decades. Many people around the world collect these antiques and go to great lengths to find the perfect addition to their collection. For others, however, these toys are simply a unique alternative to the more common plastic variety that is so prevalent today.

Humans have a long history of woodworking, having used wood for everything from construction to art over our long history. With regards to toy making, small wooden figurines have been found throughout many different cultures over the last millennia, but it’s only been over the last couple of centuries that children’s toys have developed into a commonly recognized industry. Previous to the late 18th century, toys were simply rudimentary playthings that were usually handmade by a relative or parent. During the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, toys entered the modern age, becoming impersonal and produced on a much more massive scale.

Despite the move to mass-production, many of the old wood toys from the 19th century are still highly sought after by collectors. These toys represent a simpler time and when compared to the toys of today, they are often preferred due to their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Many of these toys, when found in good condition, can often sell for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, depending on the specifics of the toy. The hard part is locating options from this time period, as they are quite rare and the ones that do remain are often quite worn and fragile. Local antique stores are often the best places to begin a search for these toys, but they can sometimes be found through online specialty dealers as well.

Toys from the first half of the 20th century are also very popular with collectors. Old wood toys from this era tend to be more complex in their design, often including moveable parts and highly detailed painting. Toy cars, trucks and trains were first introduced during this period and these toys remain exceptionally popular with the kids of today. And while classic toys such as the dollhouse had been around for many years by the turn of the 20th century, they became much more sophisticated during this period.

Today, wooden toys are still quite popular with both children and adults. They offer a timeless appeal that cannot be duplicated by their modern, plastic equivalents. They can be found in most local toy stores throughout the country, as well as through any number of smaller specialty shops. Furthermore, there are also a host of online vendors that specialize in either creating new wood toys, or in selling the old wood toys of the past.