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Natural Wooden Toys

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Natural wooden toys are built to last and can stay in the family for generations to come. But you want to be sure that the wood you are buying is responsibly sourced. Natural wooden toys are important for your child’s health and safety. Wood toys that have been treated with chemicals or have oil-based paints may be dangerous for your child, especially if they are at a teething age.

Inquisitive minds and mouths will have the urge to chew on anything they can find, to relieve the pain of teething and to exlore different textures. There are natural wooden toys for teething on the market that can be very beneficial for the child. What you want to look for is locally or nationally sourced wood from a company that has a replanting policy; this is essential for the future of our country and indeed the world.

For you child’s safety, look for wood that has been treated with child-safe oils and used no chemicals or paints. Wooden rattles are good natural wooden toys for teething because they serve a dual purpose. The first is to sooth the pain your child is experiencing through teething and the second is to help the child make connections (when I shake this, it makes a sound). The interesting and satisfying texture of wood also stimulates their sensory development.

There are a huge variety of natural wooden toys available on the market and more and more companies are becoming environmentally responsible to meet the needs of their customers and public opinion. Responsible sourcing of wood for natural wooden toys works for everyone involved. It puts the toy company in a favorable light, the customer is happy knowing they brought a ‘green’ toy and most of all the child is safe, playing with a toy that is free from chemicals and plastics.