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Maple Wood Toys

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A parents search for the perfect toy often ends with a quality hard wood toy and maple wood toys are commonly chosen because of their unique beauty and wonderful feel. These toys feel at home in the hands of a child whether they are building blocks, puzzles, models or kits. A well sanded piece of maple wood is soft to the touch, but strong and resilient in the playroom. They can take a beating and still remain usable, playful and look great painted or with the wood exposed. Maple wood is even a suitable material for teething rings used by infants and toddlers.

Though it is most often simply called maple, the scientific name for the tree is acer, Most of the hundred plus species are found in Asia, but these trees are also found in Europe, Northern Africa, and North America. The Canadian symbol is the maple leaf which is found on their flag and amongst their forests. It is a quality hardwood that is the choice wood in the construction of musical instruments, bowling pins and alleys, butchers blocks and cue shafts. One of the most popular maple wood toys is the standard baseball bat which is commonly used by little leaguers and major league players alike.

Whether you choose a bright sounding maple drum or a durable wooden block for your child rest assured that the piece will retain its value for years and years. Choosing well-constructed maple wood toys ensures a long lifespan in the playroom. These toys are often timeless and can be passed down from one generation to another. Even a highly abused wooden toy can be easily refinished and given new life with a minimal amount of effort and tools. In the case of chipped or worn down toys, simply sand them down with a progressively finer sandpaper until they are smooth again and seal them with colorful paint or a non-toxic sealant to exhibit the gorgeous wood grain that maple often shows. Because these toys are tough, sanding and refinishing them is often all that is needed to make them look and feel new again.

Another advantage to using maple wood toys is their sustainability. Maple is often harvested in a sustainable matter and can also be recycled from used up pieces of furniture and other discarded items. If the wood is recycled into a child’s toy it is important that no toxins are present and most craftsmen and manufacturers can easily tell which wood is safe to use. These toys are often handmade by local artisans who keep economies vibrant and they often lack small parts making them suitable for the youngest of children. Every parent knows that kids will put anything in their mouth and avoid chocking by only using safe toys. Wood toys are some of the safest. Plastic can deteriorate and break easily, producing small jagged pieces that are often toxic, especially if they have been left in the sun for any length of time. Keep it simple and sustainable, choose well-built wooden toys for your children.