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Kids Wooden Toys

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Entertaining a child can seem like a full time job to many, but the rewards of seeing them have fun, interacting with other kids and learning new things is amply satisfying. Teaching a child how to choose, then building kids wooden toys can be a enjoyable experience for both parents and their kids, and there are a number of simple and complex projects that can be achieved in less than a day with minimal materials. For these projects a little bit of woodworking experience and tools are necessary.

Safety around tools is paramount, especially around young children. Many of these projects require strict adult supervision and a lot of help. Young children should observe some of the construction steps from a safe distance and wear safety goggles. If the child is old enough to participate, make sure they also wear protective gloves and understand how to safely use the tools required. Even sanding wood can cause painful accidents such as splinters. No child should ever use power tools, especially alone. A child can still get satisfaction from observation, and will be delighted when the toy is complete.

A great build project for kids wooden toys can be small or large. A simple toy car or truck can be assembled with a small amount of wood and time, while a larger project such as a see-saw or swing can take an entire weekend. If you plan on having your child help with the build, make sure the project can be finished within their attention span. The younger they are the shorter this span is, so sometimes it helps to divide the project into different days. One day the pieces can be cut, the next they can be assembled and glued and on the third the toy can be painted. A few hours after that and the wooden toy is ready for years of play.

One easy project is making a wooden puzzle. Let the child pick their favorite animal, motor vehicle, or plant and have them help you draw a picture of that. Depending on the child's age a parent might need to help a lot with this sketch. Once the design has been selected, trace it onto a flat piece of wood. The next step is to divide the image into puzzle pieces. Simply trace lines dividing the interior of the image into puzzle pieces. This is a great step for a child to complete, just make sure the lines are simple enough to be cut out. The next step should be done by an adult as it involves a jigsaw. There are hand jigsaws and powered ones, which ever you choose be sure that you and the child wear protective eyewear. Drill a hole small enough for the blade to fit through and cut the image into its corresponding puzzle pieces with care, the simpler the lines the smoother the puzzle pieces will end up.

Once this simple kids wooden toys project is cut there is till one more important step until it is finished. Carefully sand every single edge of the wood starting with a rough grit sandpaper and finish with a finer grit for the smoothest finish. A coat of non-toxic sealant is appropriate to preserve the wood, or a child can paint the image with non-toxic paint. I recommend the latter, it is fun for kids and will show them how valuable their work can be. These homemade toys often become a favorite kids wooden toy and are cherished for years.