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Handmade Wood Toys

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Handmade wood toys are unique, one of a kind and look like they were made by the elves in Santa’s grotto. The majority of the toys on the market today are manufactured by machine, made of plastic and although well designed with lots of features, they do seem to lack some of the ‘magic’ that should be associated with the toys in Santa’s workshop.

Fantastic handmade wood toys for children of all ages are marionettes, or puppets, as they are more commonly known. Most forms of entertainment don’t encourage the children to use their imaginations. Computer games and television do the imagining for the child. All they have to do is sit back and absorb. But stimulating a creative side is very important in the development of a well-balanced child. Puppets will encourage the child to create a story, an adventure of their own with characters and plot. This can only be a positive influence. Handmade marionettes are high quality. It takes skill to produce these puppets and skill to control them.

Handmade wood toys are put together with more care and attention than manufactured plastic toys. And this is great for the safety of a child. Choking hazards are a concern for a parent and many models of toy have been taken off the shelf because of defects. Handmade wood toys are crafted over time, carefully sanded and because of the relative simplicity of the designs, are considerably less of a danger to your child.

Wooden trucks, trains and cars are all popular designs for younger children and the fantastic thing about having handmade wood toys is that they can be kept in the family for many years to come. Unlike plastic, wood does not deteriorate or fade over time. A quality wooden toy can be past down from generation to generation as a simple gift that will never break or loose its charm.