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German Wood Toys

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Wooden toys offer some of the most unique and well-crafted designs among toys suitable for children, and the highest quality construction are often found in German wood toys. There are a number of different companies such as Baufix, Fagus, and Haba, all located in or near Germany, that create some of the most coveted wooden toys on the market. These toys are appealing to people in countries around the world and though they are often more expensive they offer some of the best value in wooden toys on the market.

Though Baufix is actually an Austrian company it produces some of the most intriguing wooden toy models found in the world. Their specialty is wooden construction kits for vehicles such as cars, trains, heavy duty construction equipment, helicopters and planes, but the individual pieces can be rearranged into an infinite number of new designs, much like Legos are designed for to build a certain object whether that be a vehicle or building, but the pieces can be used in combination with other sets to achieve new, unique designs.

The simple parts are finished nicely with smooth surfaces and different colors of paint which adds to the models aesthetic appeal and the connected parts can actually move, allowing the model crane to pick up a model shipping container and place it onto a model truck that can roll from origin to destination. Because of these smaller parts and advanced construction techniques these German wood toys are better suited for children ages 3 and up.

Fagus, a German toy company, produces wooden toys aimed at young boys. These are simply constructed vehicles such as bulldozers, dump trucks, fire engines, forklifts and cranes. The wood is solid with very few small pieces which makes these toys some of the strongest. A small child can easily sit on top of the larger trucks and ride them around a room without incurring any damage to the toy. The wheels are sturdily attached and will smoothly roll for years to come and the simple clear finish shows off the woods natural beauty. With the optional pallets, hay bales, and boxes a child can occupy themselves for hours playing farm or operating a busy hub of transportation. Fagus also produces simple marble runs and kits which give the child a project with a fun, easily accomplished goal.

Another popular German wood toys manufacturer is Haga which primarily produces small wooden scene sets that mimic ancient and modern architecture as well as common wooden building blocks. The wooden scenes depict recognizable landmarks such as the pyramids at Giza, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Coliseum in Rome, a Mayan temple, a middle eastern scene, a Japanese scene and many more. They are all created from simple shapes carved from hard wooden blocks. Each piece is meticulously sanded so it seems soft to a child’s touch and encourages hours of playtime.

Wooden toys offer more value, last for a longer time and they are ecologically friendly which makes them a great choice for any parent and child.