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Educational Wooden Toys

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The most recognizable and common toy worldwide is the simple wooden block. These blocks may not seem like the best educational wooden toys, but they have been proven to be some of the most helpful toys during a child’s development.

Almost every manufacturer of children’s playthings claims their toys are educational. It makes good business sense because parents instantly perceive the toy to be more valuable and are thus more likely to purchase their product. I guess in a vague way almost everything a child interacts with could be considered educational. This must be the same way many of these toy manufacturers think.

For a young child still developing their motor skills wooden blocks are invaluable, but they also teach many other valuable lessons and inspire creativity and complex thinking. There are no rules or set way to play with blocks. Unlike a puzzle there is no way to be finished unless the child decides themselves that they are finished. This forces the child to make active decisions and create their own goals, a trait that is incredibly important throughout life.

The simplicity of these blocks allows many different types of play and inspires creativity among children. Their first instinct is often to pick up the block and examine it, possibly throwing it to see what happens. Often the next instinct is to start stacking the blocks and combining them into different shapes and configurations. Every child quickly learns that they can only stack the blocks only so high. After their first tower falls they adapt and try new methods of stacking the blocks. Eventually they have a created a tower twice as tall that comes tumbling down with much more force.

A number of lessons can be learned in a short amount of time with these simple educational wooden toys, such as the basics of gravity, friction and force. The touch and feel of the blocks is a lesson in friction. Smooth blocks may not stack as easily as rougher ones, and kids can compare the difference between how the wood feels on other blocks vs. their hands, the carpet and other surfaces. The sound of the blocks can also be explored when they touch each other, hard floors and soft surfaces. Two blocks can also make a great rhythmic musical instrument for kids. The diversity of play is really only limited by the imagination of the child which encourages them to come up with new, unexpected and exiting games.

Playing with blocks also offers a wonderful cooperative experience for multiple children and ones of different ages. These educational wooden toys don’t lose their appeal as the child ages like other toys do. The blocks may become more complex for older kids, but they still enjoy playing with younger children using the same blocks they used when they were that young. Groups of children can learn to work together to build something they wouldn’t be able to alone and also learn the value of sharing.

These toys have stood the test of time, are environmentally friendly, safe, kid tested and parent approved. Wooden blocks are likely the most valuable wooden toy available today.