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Children Wood Toys

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There is a certain connection between objects that are natural and strong, even among children wood toys are preferred over similar plastic ones. What is it that makes these objects seem more desirable and valuable? It could be the knowledge that these products were once great trees or it could be an ancient memory of using wooden natural items in the past. As a species we have relied on wood for almost all of our creations from paper to buildings to toys, for most of our history. Only in the past centuries have new materials become available and while metals have replaced wood in many buildings, bridges, and transportation it is still a welcomed material for the objects we interact with.

Cooking with a wooden spoon just feels better than using a plastic spatula or a metal spoon, and the same feeling is exhibited in children playing with various toys. Metal is too heavy and could be dangerous when dropped, while plastic is too flimsy and prone to breakage. Step on top of a wooden toy car and the car will likely be all right. You may not be so lucky if it was on a slick surface, but try steping on a similarly sized plastic toy car and the toy will not fare so well. It will likely disintegrate into a jumble of sharp cracked pieces.

Another advantages that children wood toys have over other materials is their safety. It is very difficult to make a wooden toy with small pieces so it rarely occurs. Small parts on toys easily become a choking hazard for small children. Every parents knows that young children will put anything in their mouth. They are curious about everything and the mouth offers a great way to learn and explore new objects. They are interested in the texture, taste and smell of the toy and won't hesitate to put small parts into their mouth. This fact contributes to many infants choking and has led to death in some cases. For a parent this is devastating. Wooden toy parts are rarely small enough to choke on, and the wood is durable enough that it doesn't break into small pieces like a similar plastic toy could.

Wooden toys are beautiful. They are often handcrafted which supports local artisans and craftsmen. Handcrafted children wood toys may cost more than a mass-priduced toy, but their is much more value in the wooden toy. It will last until the child has grown up and moved on to more interesting devices and pastimes. The toy still retains its value and beauty allowing it to be passed down to other kids in need, a new baby, or another family. There are even collectors of wooden toys that will pay good money for a well preserved, well made toy. A similar plastic toy would have to be never used and have its original packaging to keep its value, and of course there is no handmade connection to the toy that appeals to children and adults alike.