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Children Wooden Toys

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Shopping for a toy in todays markets and toy stores is an overwhelming task. If your child is old enough to choose their own toy, a toy store can be like a dream for them, and a nightmare for you. There are so many choices that parent and child alike can no longer process what is a good deal, what is going to last a long time, and what toys are actually going to be played with. For many years toys have been produced almost for the sake of producing them, they aren't built to last, they aren't fun to play with, and some are even dangerous to play with at all. How many times have you read or heard about toy recalls that were initiated because of grave accidents to children?

Fortunately there is another option to the mass-produced plastic wares typically found in toy stores across America. Children wooden toys are making a strong resurgence as parents realize these toys are built with care, have simple parts that can be fixed and repaired, and will last as long as the child does. These wooden toys can be passed from one generation to another without seeming dated. Even simple wires with wooden beads that can be moved around the bent roller coaster course of wire can please a child for hours a day. They are surprisingly fun for parents to play with too.

Children wooden toys can be anything from musical instruments, building blocks, learning games and rocking horses to puzzles, play tools, doll houses, trucks and cars. The options are almost limitless and have been inspired by history, modern innovation, and common themes. Even children in ancient Egypt and Rome cherished their wooden toys, some to the extent that they were buried with them, likely with the thought that they would be able to play with them in the afterlife. A mummified Roman girl was found with a wooden doll so well carved and varnished that it was obvious that the culture valued quality toys in their society.

Another beneficial aspect of children wooden toys is their sustainability and longevity. Any eco-minded parent should recognize how valuable a wooden toy is for the environment. As long as the wood is sustainably harvested and not treated with dangerous chemicals, a fact most wooden toy craftsmen take into account, these toys are the greenest toys around. Even if the broken toy is beyond repair, which is a rare event, it will not pose any obstacles to decomposition. Compare this to the abundance of plastics and electronic pieces in many children toys today. When these break they are irreparable and likely to be thrown away where they will pose an obstacle to decomposition.

Wooden toys have a long lifespan, they can be repaired and refashioned, and provide some of the best playtime for children. Simple wooden blocks have been shown to be one of the most beneficial toys for young children's imagination development. Imagine what a train set, or puzzle could do for them.