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Children's Wooden Toys

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There are literally millions of different toys, many of them claiming to be the best thing for children since the baby bottle was invented, but standing out in this group are classic children’s wooden toys that have been cherished for generations and are still produced today. Watching the commercials peppered in between popular children’s shows can make a parent cringe and kids drool. They want nearly every new toy that comes out on the shelves no matter how poorly made and useless it may be. It is a parent’s responsibility to weed out the worthless ones and find a good price on the valuable ones while still satisfying a child’s urges. Often, a little education about the toy can convince a child of its value.

One of the biggest conflagrations about toys today is the materials and processes that are used to create them. More often than not a popular kids’ television character will be turned into a toy marketed to children, but these toys are often funded from large conglomerates that can afford complex and often environmentally hazardous construction processes. The materials most commonly used are plastics and other petroleum by products which are far from natural and can be very dangerous in many cases.

Though many manufacturers claim their plastics are safe, plastic hasn’t been around long enough to assess its impact on children and the environment. At this point in time we know that that plastic will be around for a very long time, but its physical health effects are still widely debated. Personally I do not want to be the one filing for a class action lawsuit against a company that produced an untested product or material that my child interacted with. When was the last time you heard of children’s wooden toys involved in a recall?

Health and production effects aside, plastic toys are not nearly as durable as wooden toys. They are prone to become brittle and break into jagged pieces that could become choking hazards to young children. This not only provides a danger to children and pets, but it also renders the toy useless and often relegates the pieces to a nearby landfill where it will slowly, excruciatingly slowly reduce itself into smaller and smaller particles until it seeps into the ground water and pollutes the environment. So far, no one has found a way to make plastic biodegrade into something safe for the environment.

If ecological concerns are not high on your list, children’s wooden toys still offer many advantages over plastic and other materials used for toys. Many woods will not harbor nearly as much harmful bacteria as a similar plastic toy would. To disinfect plastic high heat or harsh chemicals are needed. Wood can disinfected by cleaning it in vinegar or soaking for 30 minutes in a solution of lemon juice and water, then letting it dry. These toys are also built to last and can easily be passed down from one generation or family to the next.